My son Blake's Paintings

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    These are paintings my son Blake has done. I have to admit, I love them all and think it is very cool we have an artist in the family.

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March 27, 2007



I figured I'd return the comment favor. Regarding the tone at BTI: that blog is not for convincing people, it's a place where 3 bloggers rant, and the sadistic among us, who enjoy listening (or reading) angry rants, go to get their fill. Every now and then we get serious, but the very name of the site does not exactly promote open-minded discussion if you know what I mean . . .

Anyway, to address your fundamental point, which is, I think: why are things so black and white, either right or wrong, bad or good and nothing in between?

The problem comes down to time management, in my opinion. It seems to me that America moves so fast, and everything is at such a rapid pace, that people don't seem to want to slow down, investigate, research, discuss and learn.

It is a lot easier, and quicker, to get your daily dose of talking points from Rush or Michael Moore than to actually sit down and read the text of a house proposal, or in Mr. Gore's case, to sit down and actually think about the points and issues he presents in his film/presentation/discussion with congress.

That's what politics is in America at this point, Chris Matthews barking bad or good, O'Reilly giving you the bad signal when he wags his finger and starts to yell.

The citizenry is partly to blame, and our information sources are partly to blame. The citizens could sit down, pull up massive amounts of information on the internet and then form their own educated conclusion.

Or, which most do, they can sit down, catch 5 minutes on FOX so they can hear what they want, and then they are good for the day. Or, they could tune to MSNBC, get the 2-line-just of a political issue before the 24-hour tabloid channel goes back to Anna Smith crap.

Global Warming is a very tough issue because there is so much science that goes into it. The problem is that people realize they are getting fed a line when they watch cable news. Unfortunately, they don't realize that there are many different ways to use science to come up with your own pre-ordained conclusions. People don't know that we can change around one small number, come to a totally different conclusion, and then say, "oh sound science," when in reality we have a situation where people are messing with reality and are being dishonest with their scientific conclusions.

There is no doubt that there is global warming, I don't recall any other issue that has as much consensus amongst the honest scientific community. Unfortunately you have some scientists, the dishonest ones, that like to change the numbers around, the formulas around, in order to come up with completely off-base conclusions about global warming.

Add that to the fact that understanding the way the world works is an incredibly complicated subject in the first place, and you have a lot of room for dishonest people to come in and fool the rest of us.

I have a friend who thinks that volcanic eruptions create more pollutants than global warming does, thus global warming must not be bad because eruptions aren't that bad, and so he simply throws up his hand and says "so global warming is fake." That's it, no thought, no analytics, no questing, just, "oh volcanic ash, so no global warming."

There is one basic point I think you can make to every person, which if answered honestly will get people thinking about the subject.

That is:

There are 18 million air flights per year. There are 600 million cars in the world. There are thousands of power plants, thousands of factories, thousands of other sources of green house gases. Every day, non-stop, round the clock, millions of sources of green house gases are being pumped into the atmosphere.

Are you going to sit there and tell me this has absolutely no effect whatsoever on the climate of the earth?

(of course I'm not ask you this)

Any person, if they answer this question honestly, will have to admit that we do have a problem. It may not get them all the way to global warming, but starting with one, logical, easily confirmed set of facts, and then moving from there seems to be the best start.

Nice blog, I'll throw up a link.

Brian Schwab

Funny you bring up this point of Global Warming and the fun one can have with it. During our cold snap this past February in the Twin Cities I sent an email to the Mayor of Garage Logic along those lines. I had mistakenly left my truck out overnight and expressed to him how thankful I was for Global Warming, otherwise my truck might not have started in the morning.

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