My son Blake's Paintings

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    These are paintings my son Blake has done. I have to admit, I love them all and think it is very cool we have an artist in the family.

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July 29, 2008


Save the Cutts

The Greenback Cutthroat is a protected species in Colorado and is subject to catch and release regulations. Please do your part in the future to help the recovery of our state fish...don't eat them!

Great photos and trip reports otherwise.

Will Marquardt

Dear Save the Cutts,

Thanks for your comment.

I'm pretty sure that you did not mean to insinuate that my taking of the cutthroat trout was illegal. In case you did mean that, you are wrong.

Cutthroat trout, and all of our God given natural resources, should be jealously protected for future generations. There are areas where cutthroat should not be taken and where they are not legal to harvest. As a general rule, high mountain lakes do not fit into this classification.

I am a regular fly fisherman and have never, never kept a trout of any kind out of any river in the state of Colorado. On occasion when my wife and I backpack, we keep 1 or 2 small cuts or brookies for dinner caught in high mountain lakes. We praise God for the privilege of eating these fish and we know that we are not negatively impacting the resource.

Generally speaking, as I'm sure you can tell, I'm with you. Catch and release is the way to go.

Will Marquardt


The view seen in your pictures is amazing. Thanks for the detailed description of ways to get to the start point. It is important to note that one should also needs to come with appropriate equipment-warm clothes, good sleeping bag etc.



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2009 Elk Hunt

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    A great hunt in the sage brush and scrub oak of the western slope of Colorado.

Buffalo Peaks Wilderness

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    The Buffalo Peaks Wilderness is an under used gem less than two hours from the Denver Metro. Just 12 miles south of Fairplay on Hwy 285 there are beautiful meadows and beaver ponds just waiting for you.

Gore Range Backpacking - Lost Lake

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    This trip was a nice two day trip covering approximately 12 miles and 2100 feet vertical. You could take three days, but two was enough for us to enjoy the scenes while not feeling hurried.

2008 Colorado Elk Hunt

  • V.
    These are pictures from our 2008 muzzle loader elk hunt. We had great weather and the elk were active.

Mt. Zirkel Wilderness - Gilpin/Gold Creek Lake

  • 9.97
    The Mt. Zirkel Wilderness area is a spectacular area north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. That means it's about 4 hours from the Denver area, but based on the beauty of this trip, we will be back. We entered at the popular and accessible Slavonia Trail Head. One interesting point is that the description "popular" is a relative thing. Popular usage for this area is comparable to "moderate" usage for areas closer to Denver.

Routt National Forest - North Fork Fly Fishing

  • 8. Brookies
    These photos are of my fly fishing trip to the North Fork of the Elk River. Prepare yourself for unusual beauty in this "burn" area of the Routt National Forest.

Indian Peaks - Betty/Bob Lake - High Mnt. Fishing

  • 2.3 Mountain Yellow
    The Indian Peaks Wilderness area is beautiful and accessible. The Hesse Trailhead serves as access to a tremendous amount of hikers. One word of caution is that you need a permit to camp in this area. Permits are only available at the Boulder Ranger Staion and the Ace Hardware in Nederland.

Gore Range - Wheeler/Lost Lake - High Mnt Fishing

  • 3. Wheeler Lake Trail sign
    The Wheeler Lake / Lost Lake trip is a scenic trip that is rated as "more difficult" by the Dillon Ranger District. I would rate it as moderate to Wheeler (+1400 ft in three miles) and pretty easy to Lost Lake.

Gore Range - Boulder Lake - High Mountain Fishing

  • I. Just the three of us
    This was an overnight trip into the Gore Range's Lower Boulder Lake from the Rock Creek Trailhead. We did not leave the Rock Creek Trailhead until just after 8:30 p.m. Approximately 1 mile from the Rock Creek Trailhead and on the Gore Range Trail, you will come to a beautiful open meadow with water (at least there was plenty of water on June 21st). As you wind around the meadow and up the trail on the other side, there are very good places to camp above the meadow in the pine forest. This camp left us with only 1.75 miles left to Boulder Lake. Check out the map, text files and other info by pasting the following link into your web browser